Jeremy creator behind Rolfs Craft began his passion for wood water crafts back as a youngster working on the family fleet of wooden boats. Chris Craft boats have been in the family as a hobby, craftsmanship and restoring makes its a lifestyle behind boating. It brings people together, conversations, appreciation for design or simply helping each other.

He has enough experience to share his wisdom on details inside and out. Local neighbors know him for his knowledge on Chris Craft maintenance to basic questions with other water crafts. His background in design and wood working skills, really go hand and hand together. Plus with a passion for the water.

Behind the Scenes

The garage has a line up of projects, while keeping up with his own Chris Craft boat on the lake. His experience started with building his very own wood kayak back in college. The kits come from CLC Boats. Which includes the pre – cut building materials from wood pieces, fasteners and epoxy. The rest is up to you! Similar logic to car model kits, structure pieces are ready to build and you custom design it.


This wood SUP is 14 feet long, hollow inside and weighs about 34lbs. The paint theme inspired by Chris Craft paint stripes on the deck of the boat. Mahogany stain and hand taped to paint the white stripes on the deck. Unique to a SUP, small storage bin for a few items, this SUP pulls it off with the hollow inside. Very niche for a paddle board.

Jeremy has dreams of starting his own line of wood designs that include kayaks and paddle boards. Expanding the horizon into a board shaper and teacher, building up a community of water lovers. Wood presents the pure evidence of taking something from nature and creating a master piece. Seeing the raw material of the craft, appreciating the natural state of each piece. Look for more coming soon!