Luna Moon was created with the love for the environment, being out in it, and sharing the passion of Stand-up Paddle boarding. Not only is LMS founded upon a love for the water and the planet, its sole motivation is to provide a challenging experience! Release a fear and find a sense of enjoyment in nature. Upon building a community of support toward each other, we have watched many grow in their experience. Balance is such an important aspect as we age and what a way to work those skills but on a board.

Our strong belief is to bring people together to connect over a stress relieving experience which includes breathing fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D! It’s so good for us to be outside. Enjoying a sunset after your practice or paddle is sure to leave you relaxed and wanting to come back for more. We have already been dreaming about the 2020 season.

It feels like a mini vacation either on the lake, training at the pool, or in the studio environment. There’s a starting level for anyone who approaches with a open mind and heart. Start indoors and get prepared for summer vibes. Misty strives to make a supportive environment to help you ease into your practice. If your new to paddling and want a private lesson, get all the tips and techniques one on one. Last summer we even had a few families, groups, and a birthday surprise at the floating studio. Those are special times to book during the season as well.

The floating studio, is a connected experience. Each Evolve Paddle board docks into the middle mother ship (teaching platform). Its so much fun to be linked together in the moment, learning, laughing and supporting each other.

Luna is the Siberian husky dog in our family. She helped inspire the name. When she was a puppy, Luna would jump on a board in the yard, getting introduced before heading to the water. Since she was little, she has always found it to be playtime in the yard or at the dock. Using the same teaching style for any newcomer; We incorporate techniques to make anyone feel comfortable and safe to launch.

Off Season: Indoor Paddleboard Yoga Training

Indoor paddle board yoga training (minus the water 🙂 ) is a class for newbies wanting to experience the board. It is a way to gain confidence before trying on the water. We have a lot of fun with this class type. We introduce blocks, straps, and resistant bands. Quite a different experience than on the water, it strengthens and improves balance skills to build your foundation.

Luna Moon Lip Balm Products / All Natural

LM is an eco conscious brand, we strive to keep the environment our focus. The products are hand crafted, all natural and vegan friendly. Each one is hand poured and labeled with thoughtfulness. We have been practicing this integrity over the years and seek ways to stay environment friendly. Biodegradable tubes is the newest endeavor, providing options for our community. Products include a Yoga Mat Spray, various lip balm flavors, lip scrubs, and specialty seasonal blends. The eco line has 2 options, a rust proof metal tin or a biodegradable tubes.

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