Wanna learn about inflatables? Inflatable boards can be so handy to travel with and carry around. With proper care they can also last for years. Here are few differences between these two inflatables, plus informational tips to get you started with your board.

I’m showing off my inflatable that I use for my classes. I have the Evolve Paddleboard Inflatable that are used for classes and the Movement Inflatable (the deflated one in the pic), which is a great board to start out with.

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The Evolve boards used in classes get a little more beating because in and out of launch spots and using them every day in the summer. This board is very similar to the Movement board and great to be able to travel with if you have those bucket list travel destinations.

Even if you’re just starting out on your brand new journey of paddleboarding, its a great board to keep for years 10 years plus, if you keep them out of the elements, deflate it, wipe it down, and take care of your equipment. Big key tip – don’t leave it out in the sun and don’t over inflate.

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