SUP trainers come in different forms. One is using your actual board with fitness discs that lift the board up and you can literally train with the same board used in the water. Another type of SUP trainer is a balance board, much smaller but on a roller or mini discs that mimic the motion of water. This one would also be used if you need to keep practicing for surfing or wake surfing. I find even if you aren’t going to be surfing, it doesn’t hurt to build up your feet, ankles for balance.

In the winter time I create classes for beginners that train during the off season to build balance and strength. Usually we are in the studio space doing this type of class. They have so much fun and are super supportive of each other. This June we are doing the class on the grass, as a welcome back intro to accomplishing goals of paddle boarding.

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Benefits of SUP on Land

Using the boards on land help build confidence in your balance and strength. Most find themselves having a lot of fun while being in a unique experience.

A huge plus to being outside doing SUP training, using your paddle as a prop. Another plus is the grass is soft for getting off the board. The last few months I used my board as a trainer more than before, mainly waiting for the weather to warmup. Spent diligent time with my practice and created classes. Finally getting on the water I felt stronger and more limber to move in a yoga flow.

Some favorite poses you might see during a class. Modified Side Plank, High Plank, Downward Dog, and Anjaneyasana. Working the core to come up from a yoga squat to standing in Mountain pose. Keep building the flow and adding in arm strengthening movements.

Next class is June 18th – 6:30PM on the grass!

Indoor paddle board yoga, AMAZING! Misty led us in a guided yoga practice while we balanced on inflated paddle boards, which were elevated on discs. The simulation to water was awesome, allowing for an experience that was both challenging and stimulating. Taking balance to a whole new level, I found myself empowered and energized by the experience. Thank you, Misty, for offering this unique practice. It was strengthing for body and mind. I look forward to enjoying summer evenings practicing yoga on the water with you!

Karen Faith Gordon