Celebrating a full 2020 SUP season with SUP yoga and many sunset paddles!


Notes from the teacher:

Despite everything going on in the world we managed to have a really great season on the water. Go out on the water helped everyone destress, including the instructor. All the worries of the day were left back on land as we paddled out to a oasis. Everyone was respectful and very encouraging toward each other. Forming a supportive SUP community at the floating studio. I was very grateful at the level of studentship that kept returning for more SUP classes. We even added on to the schedule for sunset paddles and yoga mash up classes. This season really inspired me to go deeper with next seasons classes and I can’t wait to start sharing!

2021 Season 

Brainstorming for class offerings are in the making. More private lessons as well, I have been planning on a really cool class type with the boards. Its going to be unique but we will need wind to make it work! A class based on the elements, a lot more story telling from me to probably even convince you to try it, plus a challenge for me to teach it. What makes teacher always learning, its a co-participation experience, learn from the students perspective. I can hear that connection from my own teacher mentor while teaching in the studio.


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