This season has brought out a lot of newbies on the water and they usually have a lot of exciting energy because they are doing something completely new. I love hearing student’s perspective on paddle boarding, what their interpretation is of the new adventure on the water.

Meet Jeanie Fraser, she went from a kayak tour of the lake to standup paddle boarding. I loved her energy during the kayak lesson, she was amazed by the lake and canals we explored. Probably went out longer than originally planned but it was a beautiful day, we took full advantage of the opportunity.


Jeanie just moved to Sylvan Lake a few months ago and she is living her best life out here on the lake this summer. She never been on a paddle board before until Luna Moon SUP. First started with a land class, took a kayak lesson and then moved on to a standup paddle board on the water. Its amazing, I love watching people evolve!

Such an accomplish, way to go Jeanie! Thanks for showing up and giving it your all!


“I feared not being able to do it because I am out of shape and have poor balance but

with your guidance and instructions

I accomplished what

I never dreamed I could do!” Jeanie