Simple training steps that we can do when we aren’t paddling. Helps build strength in our core, arms, and back.

Resistance bands are the closest thing to replicating the motion of paddling. The bands come with different levels of resistance which can provide good development as you get stronger. Definitely recommend getting a variety set!

First I’m going to show you can use carabiners, on your board. This is an inflatable board and it has a little bit of D rings here to attach a carabiner with a resistance band, and you can use your port in the offseason to start toning your paddleboard muscles.

Now one of the cool things that I found out is that you can use these resistance bands and endless places, just be creative, I’m using a tree here for across the chest with the twist.

Core Twist: Stand about shoulder feet apart and begin to twist from your heart center. So start facing where the bands is attached, I’m using playground equipment here. Obviously, a lot of times you can use these inside using a door but I wanted to get some vitamin D and get outside and get some fresh air. So I took my show on the road and just do as many reps as you want. You can always add in a little bit more core with a twist but twist from your heart. Try to keep your feet hip distance to shoulder distance.

Tricep Kickback: Place to strap at your hip distance. And then you’re going to have your feet hip hip width apart. bend the elbows at 90 degree angles, and with elbows up next to the sides of the body and palms facing down. This is how you start position. So we’re gonna go for you do as many as number of reps from there and then we’re gonna move on to the back.

Low Back Row: The strap is now just at the knee level or slightly below. Slightly bend your knees and bend forward at the hips. Keep your abs tight your chest up, and then row back. Do as many as you want here. And again, find that creative spot to go to I pick the playground equipment this time.

Another thing you could do is add in love lifts. So like I said, Have fun with it. I’m using a little leg kick here so you do some arms and core.

If you’re just starting out on your toning workout, I would start with one set of these maybe three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then I would start to add in and do 10 to 12 repetitions of this exercise and then progress add in second third set and perform three to five minute warm up prior to each workout. Jog in place or hold plank pose build some heat. Another great heat builder is boat pose.

I’ll hold that build some core would stretch before and after each workout. I would start with a shoulder stretch and arm stretch where you bring your hand around the back of the neck and bring both hands to the back of the neck pointing the elbows. Hands behind the low back and our lace getting a shoulder stretch in the front of your pectoral muscles and doing a little neck stretch. Shoulder roll.

You can always change out the level of the resistance bands. I have a bunch of different ones I’ve used for classes, black being the hardest!