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New YouTube Channel

With our new ways of life forced upon us, Luna Moon SUP now offers a virtual yoga studio and more videos to help keep you moving during our time of social distancing. I started this year with a goal of providing how to YouTube videos and routines. It’s been a learning curve to film, edit and upload content. Pushing my perfectionist view aside and now at home with a freer schedule, I am using more time to research movements and diving deeper in my own practice with studios closed.

In this video below I cover a paddle stroke technique to use in your at home practice, either an additive in a yoga flow or workout. This technique helps train your hips, legs and feet to build a solid connection. Works the legs balanced in stance and prevents the hip from dripping during your paddle board stroke. After the training watch the highlight reel from last summer’s classes on the lake with the floating studio.

Start in chair Utkatasana with a strap around your thighs, create the boundary. A mens tie would also work. Use another strap, to create an arm stretch behind the back. Additional props could be used for this part, in the video I used a painters stick. After a few holds in the squat, bring the painter stick out front, visualizing it as a paddle, switch which hand is on top.

Watch the video to get the movement and verbal cues. Add this movement to your squats, hold in the edge of your Utkatasana as a modified SUN B. After some time with movement, you will find it prevents the hip to drop / shifting and the legs from turning off.

Virtual Yoga Blend – Every Wednesday 7pm EST

For a full month classes are FREE on a donation based system. All levels are welcome in this class, we will take the time to connect and prepare for movement on a paddle board. Focusing on core, balance, and stretches that help with flexibility.

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Need more inspiration?

A lot of what we do off the water, reflects our movement on the water when we get on our board. Plus Michigan weather also plays into how much more time we are off the water. How do I stay inspired? Check out PADDLE MONSTER