Let me give you a glimpse behind the scenes of Luna Moon Lip Balm. Not only do I love sharing Paddleboarding with others but I also spread the love for handmade Lip Balms.

The story:

I am obsessed with lip balms but I have always been on the search for what felt good on my lips. At some point I was never satisfied with store bought brands. Even questioning what ingredients are used in the store bought tube. I also had no idea why my lip would break out with a lot of the store bought brands. I was very tired of shopping brands and risking the fact that could create I sore with trying a new one.

My Initial inspiration was my cousin’s brand, making her own handmade goods from scratch.

I was inspired to make my first attempt at making a recipe it was 2 years ago and with a good friends judgement. I established the consistency of the recipe and a solid foundational recipe was nailed down.


Many samples were created to test the recipe before purchase and sharing. The tests were an important part of feedback before making batches to market.

We also brainstormed other flavors, including a SPF 20. Each balm is one hundred percent natural, cruelty free and all Vegan. Staying true to values that we hold close to our heart. Candelilla Wax is the important ingredient to keep each balm vegan and cruelty free. Each one is hand poured and labeled. 100% handcrafted with thoughtfulness.

The newest flavor for the season is WINTER SPICE – A blend of Cinnamon, Orange and Black Spruce. Also its the first time offering the special blend in a oval tube.


With a Brave Heart anything is possible. Its not just a motto on the label but a belief on or off the water.

Watch Instagram closely for holiday sales during the month of December.