Curious how to pick the right board for what you want to do? There are a ton of ways to pick a board and equipment. First thing to ask is what kind of paddling do you want to do? Maybe you have multiple uses you’d like to have in your board. In the video I cover my personal fleet and the boards used for my SUP Yoga classes and paddle classes. A few other equipment pieces are covered as well.

First board covered in the video, the SUP racer board. I started with the biggest board at 12.6 feet long to end with the shortest board. The racer board is narrower than the yoga boards. Its built to cut through waves with its pointy nose and glide much faster than any board with a round nose.

Evolve Paddleboards

The yoga boards used for classes are inflatables, they are the most stable for any beginner paddler. I love Evolve Paddleboards for there stability and comfortability for yoga. They are super easy to pack up and travel with either by car or plane.

The Evolve Yoga Roots board has a soft cork top, this board is beautiful. If you are fine with traveling around with a hard board. I find the biggest difference between the inflatable and the hard board is the movement through the water. The hard board has more traction through waves and is less sturdy than the inflatable. I love having the option to choose between either board.

If you are shopping for a board, please check out EVOLVE PADDLEBOARDS use code MISTY10 to get a discount on your purchase.

The final board talked about is the SUP surf board, it can wake surf, paddleboard in flat water and surf. Its both a oversize surf board and a mini paddleboard. This board is fun because it versatility. I can see myself doing another video and zero in on the details and what to expect on the water.