Supporting local hospital workers with meals from metro Detroit area small business restaurants. During a very challenging time, we made a connection with Front Line Appreciation Group – FLAG and put together a yoga fundraiser.

So sweet to have everybody donate while taking care of themselves with a yoga class. Im honored to have the opportunity to teach during a very unfamiliar time. We were able to provide 40 meals to hospital staff.

Its a value of mine to support one another. Its a strong belief that I’ve been seeking to include through the Luna Moon brand. Some research that I’ve done over the past year has included service to the Great Lakes. Being a brand that gives back and share the support with one another as a community is a goal over the past year.

Being part of the paddleboard community, protecting the Great Lakes is where research began for the brand. Last summer we held an event recognizing Surfrider with a local Great Lakes chapter. It was one of the biggest events on the water. I quickly witnessed how supporting an idea drew people together as a community for one night.

Surfrider was the first benefit event on the water. It was a success, 18 people who wanted to participate and support a mission over looking our local water ways. Surfrider cleans up beaches and vocalizes the importance of shutting down pipeline 5 that runs through Mackinac Straits. READ MORE HERE