Breaking down of Phalakasana – High Plank pose

Building a strong core, arms and legs to serve our SUP practice. Plus adding in variations to the pose, balancing with 3 limbs, mountain climbers, holding plank and toe dips.

Start with holding plank, placing palms on the mat and toes back. If you are still building your practice, keep your knees down on the mat and work the arms. Take a breather between the variations of the pose. One way to take a moment, lower to your forearms and legs into a Sphinx pose.

1. Inhale place the palms under your shoulders. Finger tips wide and index fingers forward. Place weight toward your finger tips, it takes more weight off the wrists.

2. Exhale straight legs, turn the quads on by energetically hugging the shins together.

3. Inhale hug the low belly in.

4. Exhale tail bone lengthens toward your heels. Should tips pull together.

5. Gaze off the top edge of the mat.

Mountain Climbers

Adding in movement to your plank pose, like mountain climbers. Bring your knee to the back of your arm, hold and change legs. Take your own pace. These can be held a breath or a couple breaths. Change out the legs as fast as you can hold the integrity in your arms. Building the strength of your arms and core.

Ready to give a little more challenge to your plank pose? Start by lifting your arm out to the side, hold the rest of the pose with heels over the toes and opposite arm alignment. Hold for a few breaths. Balance out the body between the three limbs.

Next one hoover the toes off the mat a few inches, keep the shoulders stacked over the wrists. Toe dip off the side of your mat, imagine your on your paddle board and the toes go into the water. Hold for a few breaths. Change out each side, re pose between each lift of the legs.

Alternate between the arm and leg lifts. Keep practicing and build your self up to each movement.