Wanna learn about adding key poses that build up your strength for SUP on the water? Even if your goal isn’t to be on the water, add in these poses to spice up your yoga flow.

I’m having fun building a Luna Moon YouTube CH. This is the third video for viewing. Learn how to build a strong core that helps get you up to standing during any water condition. Even if you have no goals of being on the water, Add these poses to spice up your at home yoga practice. Keep working on these and add in variations to keep it creative.

Bi-Weekly videos will be coming out on YouTube. The CH will highlight movement, knowledge on SUP and any inspiration to share.

Keep working Utkatasana chair pose with the strap training for our paddle stance. We are going to add on to our flow, Navasana boat pose to come all the way up to standing.

1. We begin in Utkatasana chair pose, to recap paddle stroke technique. with the strap training around the thighs. for our paddle stance. Alignment with hips over knees, knees over ankles, work the boundary of the strap.

2. Navasana boat pose, in the middle of your imaginary board. We’ll add on with a twist, setup with elbow to knee first. Back arm is like a kickstand, twist with your heart, your spine long and then start to lift the legs.

After working your boat pose, work the edge of building up your core muscles. Gain momentum with a rock from back to front, coming up into a squat. Try to not use your hands to get there. In the squat, place finger tips down on the mat out in front, gaze out and start to come back into your chair pose.

3. Utkatasana chair pose, working our way from seated to paddle stance. Finger tips down taking a revolve, hand to the hip.

Have fun adding these poses into your own yoga flow at home! Remember to repeat as necessary.