During the winter months or leading up to getting on the water in the Spring, we utilize the time to train for the water. Even if you are experienced at being on a board, taking the time to work up your muscles and get familiar with the board. By practicing yoga on an unstable surface, yogis train a lot of the muscles they don’t normally use in a regular yoga class. This is great time to get ready for paddleboard season!

Fitness discs mimic the feeling of water and unstable feeling.

Keep improving balance, core strength and stability all year round on the Evolve Paddleboard Inflatable. Activate your core muscles with this fun practice.

Check out the video and see more about this unique way of movement.

What’s Gained  from Balance Board Training

  • Stabilization muscles of ankles
  • Helps prevent injury or potential falls
  • Improves coordination & body awareness
  • Keeps you more alert
  • It’s fun!

In the Spring these classes will be offered outside before the paddleboard season hits the water!

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Virtual night class with the boards!